E N C O U R A G E 2

Personal Development and Intercultural Understanding through Travelling

Youth Exchange: 16 - 27th September 2021

Travelling is a wonderful way to discover ourselves and the world we’re living in, to widen our horizons, to get out of our comfort zones, gain new perspectives, discover new cultures, have enriching encounters and so much more. We aim to encourage young people with fewer opportunities to travel and to prepare them for their upcoming journeys on a deep and meaningful level.

Find your strengths and connect to your courage

Overcome your fears and increase your self-confidence

Improve the way you deal with uncertainties and challenges

Connect with other people and cultures


EnCourage2 was a 10-day action-oriented Youth Exchange aiming at mobility and social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities. Through a variety of activities embedded in the archetypal story pattern of “The Hero's Journey” 40 young people created their own vision for their personal Hero's Journey - their own path in life.

EnCourage2 gave a playground where young people could experience, reflect and improve their personal and intercultural competences with a focus on cultural awareness and social responsibility.

The Adventure




Youth Exchange


Local communities, online

We did an online preparation meeting with the team and the group leaders.

In August 2021.

Arrival day: 16th September until 16:00

Departure day: 27th September until 12:00

From the 28th September - 31st of October the participants organized events or online content with the aim to create positive impact, activate fellow young people, and share their learnings and experiences.

For Who

Group Leaders

  • You are aged between 18-30 years
  • You are someone who hears the calling to travel but something has kept you from going on your journey so far.
  • You are facing disadvantaged backgrounds and fewer opportunities. You can find more information here.
  • You have preferably no or little experiences abroad.
  • You are enthusiastic, motivated, open to new challenges and experiences.
  • You are willing and able to participate in all phases of the project (Preparation & Youth Exchange & Follow-Up Activities)
  • You're able to understand and speak basic English.


  • You are aged 20+ years
  • You are experienced in traveling and want to encourage others to start their own journey
  • You are willing and able to participate in all activities (APV & Youth Exchange)
  • You are willing to support your national group throughout all phases of the project (Preparation & Youth Exchange & Follow-Up)
  • You are enthusiastic, motivated, open to new challenges and experiences
  • You are willing and able to participate in all phases of the project (Preparation & Youth Exchange & Follow-Up Activities)
  • You're able to speak basic English.


The program will be held in basic English language and includes approaches, methods and exercises from different fields so you will have the opportunity to create your own holistic experience (mind, physical body and emotions). We will use approaches and methods from the following areas:

About our methodology


  • Learn about opportunities to go abroad and opportunities within Erasmus+
  • Increased your awareness and understanding of other cultures
  • Develop key competencies
  • Exchange and connect with people from different countries
  • Improve the way you deal with fears, uncertainties and challenges
  • Increase your openness towards the unknown
  • Experience how you can take social responsibility, in a community and through travelling
  • Get in contact with your body and your emotions
  • Find the courage to travel, especially in Europe
  • Find your travel purpose
  • Become more active and mobile in the European society
  • Develop inter- and intrapersonal skills
  • Increase your self-confidence

What you can get out of it

What previous participants say

Meet the team

A variety of activities, embedded in the archetypal story pattern of “The Hero's Journey”, will wait for you. Each day will have another exciting theme. As our Youth Exchange „EnCourage2“ will be like a journey itself, you will experience the itinerary while participating. Be curious! Be open! Cast off! Let's go on this adventure together!


You will be hosted in mixed rooms with 4 people.

A magical place in the middle of nature not far from Berlin. This refurbished holiday resort from the past socialist era will already be part of your journey.





All costs for accommodation, food, travel (up to the limits below) and material are covered by Erasmus+.

We ask participants to contribute a small participation fee to cover organizational expenses.

€35 (Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Spain)

€60 (Germany, Latvia)

Should this be a limiting factor for your participation, please express this in your application. Limited scholarships are available.

Travel Reimbursement

The travel reimbursement is the maximum amount to which your travel expenses can be reimbursed according to your country.

€180 (Germany)

€275 (Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Spain, Latvia)


Country                      Organisation                                   Organisation Email                                        Contact Person








Vega Youth Center



Asociatia Se Poate

Associazione Vagamondo

Asociación Dinámica









Sanja Kamberovic


Madlen Nenkova

Paula Sabou

Application Process

1. Fill in the contact form.

2. Receive a confirmation mail.

3. Check your inbox for the results between 3. - 9. August '21

The steps



Here are some posts, articles and pictures, the participants have created for the dissemination of the project

Blog post of our Bulgarian partner
Website created by the Italian team
Website created by the Spanish team

A few videos from our participants.

Some pictures.

Do you have any questions or want to talk to us?

Drop us an email at: navigaia.encourage.project@gmail.com

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